Web Browsers

In its latest security alert, Google confirmed the release of updates to address seven vulnerabilities in the Chrome browser, including four bugs considered critical and that could put the millionsRead More →

Mozilla security teams announced the release of an emergency update to address two zero-day vulnerabilities in the Firefox browser recently exploited in the wild. Tracked as CVE-2022-26485 and CVE-2022-26486, theRead More →

Specialists from an Austrian university developed a formal security framework to analyze the security of web browsers. Dubbed as WebSpec, this project has already proved useful for the identification ofRead More →

Cybersecurity specialists report the detection of a flaw that would allow threat actors to abuse a set of load optimization features in Google Chrome to evade the Site Isolation feature.Read More →

Google announced the release of an emergency update to address four critical security flaws in the Chrome browser whose exploitation would allow threat actors to infiltrate the systems of affectedRead More →

A recent publication by Avast Threat Labs specialists details the finding of a variant of data stealing malware that remained hidden for years in multiple web browser extensions’ code. ExpertsRead More →