Proof of Concept (PoC)

Cybersecurity specialists report the discovery of two critical vulnerabilities in the CCTV cameras of the technology firm Dahua Technology for which a proof of concept (PoC) exploit is already available.Read More →

VMware security teams confirmed that the vulnerability in vCenter Server tracked as CVE-2021-22005 has already been exploited in the wild in a chained manner with other bugs fixed in theRead More →

On Thursday, the security researcher known as Illusion of Chaos revealed multiple details about three zero-day vulnerabilities in iOS, ensuring that Apple received reports about these flaws for months andRead More →

Through a GitHub repository, cybersecurity specialist Nguyen The Duc published the proof-of-concept (PoC) exploit code to achieve a successful exploitation of the newly identified zero-day vulnerability in Ghostscript servers. AccordingRead More →

Microsoft security teams reported detection of a new vulnerability in the print queue that can be exploited by malicious hackers to elevate their privileges on the target system. This reportRead More →

Just a couple of weeks after a hacking group forced the deletion of files on My Book Live network storage (NAS) devices, a security report revealed some details about aRead More →