Recent research shows that activating the mute function available in the various video conferencing applications might not have the effect expected by users, as the microphone could continue to workRead More →

The enthusiasm generated by non-fungible tokens (NFT) has proved beneficial to threat actors, who in recent months have created supposed NFT investment projects that disappear overnight along with investors’ money.Read More →

Microsoft security teams identified a malware operation apparently targeting organizations based in Ukraine. Identified in early 2022, this malware appears to be linked to complex geopolitical conflicts in the region,Read More →

Internet entrepreneur Justin Kan had recently launched his own non-fungible token (NFT) platform, joining a growing but controversial trend. Although Kan’s obvious goal was to make a profit, shortly afterRead More →

The Python Package Index (PyPI) registry removed several Python packages this week that aimed to steal users’ credit card numbers, Discord tokens, and provide code execution capabilities to threat actors.Read More →

Much of the intelligence work of law enforcement agencies is based on prevention and prospective tasks on criminal activity (especially on cybersecurity issues) although in many cases the strategies implementedRead More →